Saturday, May 5, 2007

Losers of the world...unite and take over...this dyldo!

Glorifying drugs abuse and excessive alcohol consumption are losers’ definition of being cool in this yuppie-dominated world. Even if you look it from a different angle, you could only come up with ‘yuppie who is trying so hard to be cool’ equals ‘loser for life’. You do drugs and booze, so fucking what?

Take this dyldo and shove it up your sorry ass. Then shove it down your throat so you can taste how suck and shitty you have been all this while.

One of the machismo values is bragging on how you can handle drugs and booze excessively when in reality, you just fucking can’t (or fucking cunt, whichever you deemed appropriate). Your limits are far below (waaaaaay below) from what you wrote and you feel like a champion just by doing that. Fuck you!

You sound just like Kurt Cobain wannabe and of course without proper lyrics attached. Try harder.
Your booze and drugs story don’t impress me at all. Gimme something which is really in my face and up my ass so I can worship you. Stay with your stories and you will only be worshipped by losers.

It’s your choice. And it’s my choice to say this to you…”FUCK OFF AND DIE!”…

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