Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before..."

“On a government scheme
Designed to kill your dream
Oh mum, oh dad
Once poor, always poor”
Interesting Drug – Morrissey

The only thing that I can say about this guy is, he can really write. His words just go right up yer ass and you will definitely begged for more. The song was neither heavy guitar driven nor speed drums bashing yet he just can kick most of the so called punkrock bands’ asses anytime. I mean it... Really!

Well, if you call yourself a punkrock bands but your lyrics just go like “Fuck The System” from the beginning until the end, tell me... Who will take you seriously? You are not even trying your best to write man, let alone trying to cripple the system with your song. More kick ass words please...

Start writing in any language that you feel you could express yourself easily and clearly. Write, write, write. Look for good catch phrases. If you can’t find any then just make up one. Twist words here and there from famous quotes. “To fuck, or not to fuck: that is the question...” See? It’s that simple.

Here I’m going to give another example on how you can express your thoughts clearly.

“And the pain was enough to make
A shy, bald, buddhist reflect
And plan a mass murder”
Stop Me If You Think That You’ve Heard This One Before – The Smiths

FYI, this one still coming from that Morrissey guy again. The Smiths was a band fronted by him back then. Read between the lines. He’s talking about something which is so fucking painful and how a shy bald Buddhist (I guess he’s referring to a monk here) could reflect. Not just reflect but also plan a mass murder. Committing a murder is already too much for an ordinary person, so just imagine, A FUCKING MASS MURDER from A MONK!!! How painful is that till an extremely patient kind of people could reflect in such a way? Get it? And again, the song was not in any way accompanied by Metal Zone guitar effect or Dave Lombardo’s double paddling bass drum attack. It was as mellow as your grandma’s lullaby.

You need to have an excellent understanding in what you believe in and what you are fighting for. Only then you can start to write something that later (maybe) others could relate to. If you couldn’t even understand what you’ve written then stop dreaming that others could.

Punkrock supposed to be a threat to what you called “The System”. But if you keep on doing shitty lyrics, churning “Fuck The System”, “Politician Sucks”, “We Want Democracy” etc. then just forget about having a punk band and start doing a boy/girl band thing. This is more justifiable since being in a boy band doesn’t require you to have good lyrics. What matters most is that you can show off your Justin Timberlake’s dance move and try your best to look cute. If you think that you are not cute enough, then make an appointment with the nearest plastic surgeon.

So remember...

1) Punkrock bands (image wise) don’t always mean that they got punkrock lyrics.
2) Mellow singer/bands can be more effective than punkrock bands (again, image wise), if they have punkrock lyrics.
3) Shallow “Fuck The System” lyrics equal shallow politicians’ view about democracy and any form of freedom.
4) If ISA is knocking, knocking at your front door, that means that your lyrics are so damn effective.(Well, “The System” hates anybody who is smarter than it)

So punkrockers, start writing, re-writing and have fun in fucking “The System”. Have a safe trip to Kamunting too...


content said...

Excellent post here,man...The Smiths write stories about my life (or at least that's what i tend to believe), what else can i ask for? Thanks for this brilliant post...Cheers!

Bob Dyldo said...

content - Welcome aboard and Thanks. That makes us two of a kind then.

Yes, Morrissey is truly an artist and realist when it comes to writing. The way he put it is so comprehensive and right on yer face. I envy him. I'm happy to discuss further about him in our future converstion. Look forward to...Cheers!