Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa(t)...

Emmm… more issues on shits that as Malaysian we need to write, speak and sing in Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia. If you are so keen in writing or singing in other than Malay language, especially English you will be deemed as “Melayu Keparat” or “Mat Salleh bontot hitam” by many.

“Hentikan segala bentuk penjajahan dalam diri dan minda anda!” Fuck you!

How shallow can a person be? Just because I speak English or other language which is not Bahasa Kebangsaan then I am not Malaysian. I don’t deserve to be in this “bumi bertuah, Malaysia yang ku cintai…” What the fuck?”

Why should I speak in the “holy” language just because you told me to do so? Why should I be proud of the language just because you say so? Why, loser?

I don’t believe in all this. If I wanna speak or write or sing in any language that I feel like, then it’s up to me. Nobody can tell me what language I should use to express myself. If you don’t understand whatever I’ve written here then it’s your problem. Why should I care? Your word is not welcome here. So fuck off!

Fuck off and die you fascist bastards! Mangkuk hayun, anak haram, patriotik, nasionalis tak tentu pasal. What’s next? Every home MUST have at least one hibiscus tree planted because it’s our National Flower…Eat shit!

Stop telling me what to do… this is not a Nike advertisement. See?… I told you to fuck off yet you are still here… same shit eh?

"We won't be stupid if we learn about other's stupidity..." - Bob Dyldo

Terjemahan dari Kamus Dewan Kampung Dato' Razali adalah seperti di bawah.

"Kita takkan jadi bodoh kalau kita belajar tentang kebodohan orang lain..." - Borhan Kotegetah


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rape Me...

This one should be an old story by now, but it’s better late than never.

It was reported that Avril Lavigne being sued by an old band named Rubinoos (name most probably inspired by Rick Rubin). This lawsuit was filed against her for the song “Girlfriend” which the band accused Avril for ripping their song off, which ‘coincidentally’ called “I Want To Be Your Boyfriend”.

Emmm… why am I not surprised?... There’s no business like show business. Ripping each other off is just an art of survival…

Not so tricky question: Name a band in Malaysia that has a song intro ripped off from The Cure’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’?

Please contact Bob Smith for prizes…