Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Missing Ingredient

What could it be?







Well the search continues...

For the time being, I need to get some sleep.

Friday, March 26, 2010

What The FUCK is FUCK?

"Spam comments are as wasted as sperm on your bathroom walls"-Bob Dyldo

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where The HELL is HELL?

Did you miss me???...

If yes, then that's just so sweet of you but if you don't... the fuck cares!Hahaha...

I'm well aware that I haven't been putting anything on this blog-o-mine for the past 5 months, more or less. I was so fucking busy with some fucking action... and updating this space wasn't a part of it...

Or maybe I'm no longer keen of writing stuff up here anymore.

Nothing has tickled me to write angry things about... things (lame!) or maybe I have been a tamed lion or whatever...

I know that there's a lot of happenings around the world, good or bad (mostly bad) but I'm just in a period that I don't give a rat ass about those things anymore... Call me selfish jerk... well that's what men are good at... being selfish... Hahaha.. (Guys, sue me!)

With the war, the global economic recession, instability with local politics, global warming, shits, shits and more shits. I can only say that the world is just one SAD place to be... but I still think it won't be any different even if we have lived in Mars either. Cuz humyn are only good in fucking things up. Period!

Reminds me of a line from Soul Asylum's song... "We create the cure and make the disease..." or something like that... I'm too lazy to google.

Or maybe Bad Religion's "Fuck Armageddon. This Is Hell!"...

Or whatever...

What? Earth Hour?

Well, we all have been fucked in the ass... big time!!!

Metaphorically speaking? MY ASS!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1 2 X U

Normally, I don't give a damn. But when it comes to friends, we should be more honest with one another.

We all have problems, who doesn't?

Should share this with the ones that you're most comfortable with. That is... Your long time buddies.

Doesn't need a psychologist to understand such behaviour. But avoiding your friends that you could trust is simply stupid. Then who should you talk about this to? Your colleagues who rarely (most of the time never) give you any support of any kind?

I'm a loser or I'm not worthy kinda attitude just plain suck when you're among your set of friends. If they're your friends, then they'll accept you in whatever "form" you may be.

So why being such a "whinoceros"?

Celebrate true friends. True friends won't judge you by seeing what car you're driving, the house you live in, or even how fat your paycheck is. In fact, true friends are non-judgemental.

Life is too short to be engaged in arguments or hatred.

It'll just make you older, faster...

Being remorseful during your remaining days of existence... Ain't pretty...

Trust me... After all...

I am your long time buddy!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


This one specially goes to lucu mak ko, coolit babi and a sucker who used drhalimahali as it's nickname... (lack of idea and originality).

I put these nicks as loser because my instinct tells me that they are the same person... ops... Same loser!

Put your cowardice comments elsewhere.

I can tolerate bullshits but this one really gets on my nerves.

If any of you who thinks that RACISM is the way of life then please stop putting your comments on this blog. It'll be as wasted as sperm on your bathroom walls. I will be happy to delete them forever.



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Power Of Equality

in Borhan mode

Jika setiap manusia diberikan hak/peluang yang sama...

Semua sepatutnya bersetuju dan berpuas hati...

Jika ada juga yang membuat bising dan tidak bersetuju...


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Baby, I Love You..."

Rugilah buang bayi...
tak dapat pakaikan baby onesie Led Zepp...
or singlet Ramones...
Celebrate life!
Let's be more forgiving... Shall we?