Saturday, May 12, 2007

KL's Winter Sonata...

Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'
. The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Bob Dylan

Good ol’ Bob sang that and I have to say that it makes me want to be a great songwriter just like him. Nah! Bob Dyldo will be just greater.

Talk about song writing, I must say that nowadays I’ve seen loads of bands emerged from who-knows-where and strutting their stuffs by doing songs influenced by the singer/bands that they love. The greater influence they had from the sources, the more adaptation they will have in their songs. Image, style, stage persona and even accent in singing will be heavily influenced by the precursor. Sometimes, too heavy.

That’s when I started to get pissed.

I went to one indie-rock show not so long ago. They are few bands playing and I prefer not to mention names since they should not be getting any publicity here. If they want publicity, then sign up for myspace. Period!

Okay back to the show. It’s some sort of a tour for the last band in the bill. These guys(the last band) are not so bad in terms of their musicianship. But when it comes to image, their songs and stage was too UK Indie kinda thing and I don’t mean Ulu Kelang Indie. If Ulu Kelang, that will be local and maybe I will like it. Oh, did I mention that the gig was in KL? Well, never mind.

Just imagine...UK Indie invasion. The shades, the hairdo, the apparels. One of the guitarists (or was it the bassist) wore this Burberry’s winter muffler which was well wrapped around the neck... Winter? KL? Oh yeah, UK case you forget.

The muffler was not the last thing that made me wonder what’s wrong with the picture. They even have an “indie-clap”. How does an indie-clap looks like? Okay. It’s simple. Specifically, you just need to place both hands right beside your ear (left or right, it doesn’t matter) and start clapping softly. Remember, clap softly because motion counts here, not the audibility of the clapping. So there you “indie-clap”. Oh man!

Why? Is a Burberry’s winter muffler which was well wrapped around the neck necessary? Is an “indie-clap” a must because you play in an indie-band? Why?...

As I know that nobody can give me a reasonable answer here, so I should just sum up my conclusion. Most local bands nowadays are just afraid of their true quality. Whatever is true from the heart and partially original(I can’t use completely original because playing in an electric band is NOT pioneered by us), they just ditch it. Their main concern is audience acceptance. They rather please than be pleased or give blowjob rather than getting one. How considerate...Fuck you! You should leave the band and go to Sun Complex for greener pasture.

When I go for shows, I wanted to see the band itself and I don’t want them to remind me of the bigger bands that they were influenced by. Attitude can be copied but not Burberry’s winter muffler. It’s just so fucking pathetic! If I want to see a real copycat, I can always go to a sleazy pub and see some Philippino ladies in skimpy outfits, shaking their booties and sing “I Will Survive”. Worth every penny I’m tellin ya!

So for bands out there, if you are reading this, please first check what you got before deciding to make an appearance in this near future. If you think that you only have what that’s been repeatedly played on MTV, then be prepared to get your ass kicked should I be anywhere near the pit. My money isn’t worth all this phoney act. It’s much more worth watching fake orgasm videos at home and get my balls licked at the same time.

Come on darling... Rock my penis!


Mohd Jayzuan said...

nice one bob! aku ingat aku je yang terfikir benda ni...

Bob Dyldo said...

Bob Dylan once sang, "Coz you can't criticise what you can't understand..."

Jayzuan, in this department, I'm so fuckin' well-versed and I just hate to see this nonsensical act...

As a prominent (ehem) indie-rock figure... maybe you could encourage "these" bands to be themselves... so we can have more "indie-rock darlings" in the local scene... hehehe

Nerita said...

Good for people to know.