Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shy guy (?)

I'll be at this joint tonight.

If I can conquer my stage-fright, I will be singing few songs.

So come and see me (make fool out of myself again).

"Saya akan membawa rumah itu ke bawah..."

Go figure!


Anonymous said...

Selamat membawa rumah itu ke bawah.

Wish I could be there but takleh. New material ke?

sheena said...

are you azmyl yunor?

Bob Dyldo said...

sheena - no i'm not. i'm bob "fucking" dyldo... numsayin'?

p/s: are you hot??

kuburandakwat - thanks sheriff. new material? not really... ;)

sheena said...

eh marah ke? jgn la just guessing..ok..Yea i know u r much better than azmyl yunor. duh..

and sizzling!

content said...

Dude, the "Pirate of the Ampangeans" gave it away... :)

Bob Dyldo said...

sheena - no la... ;P

content - dude, i don't really catch you la...