Friday, February 15, 2008

"Video Killed the Radio Star"

Despite having tight daily routine, juggling chores with other tiring shits, I manage to squeeze some time last weekend on having my own movie marathon. Thanks to the "Pirates of The Ampangean" in supplying such an outstanding quality of DVDs for my viewing pleasure.

I was left skeptic at first when Captain Jack Sparrow told me that " Tak boleh test sekarang sebab line tak clear. Lepas pukul 7.30pm, baru boleh. .Don't worry la, gambar cantik." I can only pray that I don't get conned by his utmost responsible customer service assurance. True, that it can be exchanged with a new one should the copy is faulty but going through a painstakingly long journey back to the source is not my idea of a fun weekend. Ain't we all, eh?

Fortunately, it was true what Captain Sparrow had promised me. Even pirates nowadays have good business ethics in ensuring customer satisfaction. I'm so fucking impressed!

As I'm not much of a movie reviewer, I won't be laying down all the details here about the movies watched but rather gladly sharing briefly the "about" and some personal views of some sort.

About : Story about an unexpected pregnancy for a 16th year old school girl, Juno (Ellen Page) who irresponsibly, getting the boyfriend Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera), to do her without having any protection on. Excellent! With the help of supportive parents and friend, managed to go through the whole 3 trimesters in ease (that’s how the movie portrays it). Oh yes, as Juno was not ready to be a mother just yet, she had also made an arrangement to get the baby adopted by a couple (played by Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner).

Comments: Ok. My review sucks. You don’t have to tell me that. :P What I admire so much about the movie is how people can be so open with the issue and worked things out collaboratively. I guess, the main intention of the movie was to show how easy things could be if people are looking into the problem in a different perspective and act rationally. The issue was way much easier to handle. Imagine if the direction of the movie was influenced by certain beliefs or customs… Juno might be running away from home, met a pimp, left her newborn baby at the dumpster or sell him to a middleman that’ll transport him to Thailand to be a child labor. Of course not… If yes, then the title will be changed to “Oliver Twist : Prequel”. Cheh!

Songs in this movie are kinda cool. Mostly folk tunes. The “Anything Else But You” by Moldy Peaches should be a big hit by now. Grab your guitar, in the key of G, sing “You’re a part time lover, full time friend...” And watch out for Michael Cera. I’m guessing he’s gonna be the next Pierre Andre. Double cheh! :P

About : 3 close school friends who are trying to impress (and to get laid with) the girls of their dreams, by getting booze for a party using fake id. A misadventure, which involves crashing to a stranger’s party and hanging out with 2 weirdo cops.

Comments: How’s my summary? Sucks? I know :P Go watch it if you haven’t. It’s hilarious. Again, Michael Cera in some way got the same type of character played in JUNO. Only this time he didn’t impregnate his girlfriend. A friendly reminder, should you watch this together with your sister/brother/nephew/niece or anybody who is quite.. ehem!...immature, please be prepared to answer questions pertaining to the “drawings” during the credits. Good luck!

I’m so beat. To be continued…


Lucius Maximus said...

those pirate bastards seem to be really good. which pirate hide out in ampang is it?

sheena said...

so glad u r back in blogosphere.
Michael Cera is hot! I'd definitely do him. No, no, not the next pierre andre. He'll be the next Jude Law in his own charisma..mmm yummy

Bob Dyldo said...

lucius - all hail great warrior. it'll be unethical for me to reveal it here. i'll drop some notes in your gmail, momentarily... ;)

sheena - hmmmm... someone missed me? how sweet. Jude Law? I beg to differ... :P

j or ji said...

bob the ron..aku beli JUNO dan Superbad..dan aku sangat menyampah tengok Juno...16 thn pregnant and yet so cool? fuck you lah..bengang sungguh aku muvi tu..minah tu cool sangat siap boleh jamming lak..then boleh argue pasal muzik/band blabla..langsung tak paranoid tgk perut besar..i mean...aku tak suka muvi tu...rugi aku 8 inggit.cuma mamat soft spoken meicheal cera yg ada dalam SUPERBAD tu je yg aku suka dan suara dia bila cakap 'wassup' terus buat aku horny.

SUperbad citer dia biasa jugak...lawak tapi mamat gemok tu tak best lah..aku suka MCLOVINNN!!!

Bob Dyldo said...

jorji - hahaha. relax bro. aku ingat memang their main intention is to create Juno's character to be in such a way. Kalau cerita Juno depress kang jadi drama siri "Kisah Benar" pulak(yang sebenarnye tak benar pun... saje dibuat)hehehe. More of showing things on the brighter side.

Cuma memang aku setuju kalau kau cakap Juno terlebih cool dengan perut yang besar. Kadang2 tu macam menjengkelkan jugak.

Pasal Michael Cera pun aku setuju dengan kau except yang dia tak buat aku horny... tapi bini aku. She even told me that she'll do him. Cheh!

Yes. McLovin rules! hehehe