Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1 2 X U

Normally, I don't give a damn. But when it comes to friends, we should be more honest with one another.

We all have problems, who doesn't?

Should share this with the ones that you're most comfortable with. That is... Your long time buddies.

Doesn't need a psychologist to understand such behaviour. But avoiding your friends that you could trust is simply stupid. Then who should you talk about this to? Your colleagues who rarely (most of the time never) give you any support of any kind?

I'm a loser or I'm not worthy kinda attitude just plain suck when you're among your set of friends. If they're your friends, then they'll accept you in whatever "form" you may be.

So why being such a "whinoceros"?

Celebrate true friends. True friends won't judge you by seeing what car you're driving, the house you live in, or even how fat your paycheck is. In fact, true friends are non-judgemental.

Life is too short to be engaged in arguments or hatred.

It'll just make you older, faster...

Being remorseful during your remaining days of existence... Ain't pretty...

Trust me... After all...

I am your long time buddy!!!


ASAB said...

dude,no friends are for trust cause no i is for no trust too. No I can ever be trust cause as i wank i fake i orgasm too.ahakz.

Syazsy said...

its been ages since i checked out yr blog.

btw yeah i agree with you. sometime i even get angry when they dnt spit their problems with me.

i mean come on, who else do u wanna turn to when u have to do an abortion.

yr mum?

abdullahjones said...