Monday, September 22, 2008


This one specially goes to lucu mak ko, coolit babi and a sucker who used drhalimahali as it's nickname... (lack of idea and originality).

I put these nicks as loser because my instinct tells me that they are the same person... ops... Same loser!

Put your cowardice comments elsewhere.

I can tolerate bullshits but this one really gets on my nerves.

If any of you who thinks that RACISM is the way of life then please stop putting your comments on this blog. It'll be as wasted as sperm on your bathroom walls. I will be happy to delete them forever.




Sue Anna Joe said...

I've been seeing these losers everywhere lately. It must be a cult of some sort, seems like they're so dedicated to spreading their idiotlogies all over the mighty blogosphere.

Bob Dyldo said...

sue anna joe - It's the same person who's having so many nicks just so people can't trace "it".

So shallow!

I already know who this person is.

"It" recently deleted "its" blog.

Coward racist!

penanya (?) said...

yeah.. missing them actually... lebih2 lagi 'lucu mak ko'.. demmit mak kau mmg funny!