Friday, March 7, 2008

Living In Darkness...

“Like I just figured the Beatles came up with the stuffs like ‘She Loves You’, I figured I just write the stuffs like ‘She Doesn’t Love You’ or something…”- Mike Palm (1981 Interview)

So true... heartfelt words penned down by Mike in his songs were the new testament (then) for those manic-depressive goons... and losers. Sorry yet unapologetic. Wild yet tame at heart. Miserablist...Rejoice!


Nan said...

Agent Orange !!
cover lagu Dead Kennedy's - Police Truck ..Terbaik!!!

Bob Dyldo said...

Tak ingat sama ade aku pernah dengar DK's Police Truck versi Agent Orange. Tapi satu hal pasal AO, kalau diorang cover lagu Gersang pon boleh jadi sedap kot... ;)