Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Die, Die My Darling...(Dyldo's version)

This is what happen if someone messes with Bob Dyldo. I'll write "killer" song...

The Die Song

I can sense bullshit in your eyes
You are so good with your lies
Telling people how good you are
When you should be put behind bars

You don’t deserve a pat on the back
But to be stabbed or hacked
Your face just gives me a desire
To set it on fire (not literally)

Your presence are not welcome here
You might as well just disappear
Or you can just

Kicking you in the ass will be so lovely
Not in any way will make me feel guilty
You know that you deserve the best
That is (again) to be kicked in the ass

Hey! You freak of nature
Will this make you feel better?
I feel bad for whatever I’ve said
But I’ll feel good if you just be dead

Your presence are not welcome here
You might as well just disappear
Or you can just

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's time for "Stormy Weather"...

Hah! I got back my Pixies' "Come On Pilgrims/Surfer Rosa" CD. Thanks to Mr T for his kind cooperation. Your kindness will be remembered until the end of time.

Unfortunately, my Jane's Addiction "Nothing's Shocking" and Camper Van Beethoven's "Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart" suffered severe damage and I can hardly listen to few of the tracks. They even had something like a helicopter's propeller sound on it. Weird!

Then again Mr T, I have to think about your kindness again. Should I remember it until the end of time as the damaged CDs are just irreplacable. Not like Beyonce's song. But I will make an exception since you promised to replace them. How you do it, I'm not interested to know. Hehehe. Best of luck at Petaling Street.

Well, back to Kim now. Where were we? Oh yeah! "Big, big love!"...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

KIM…You “Levitate Me”!

Been listening to a lot of Pixies lately. This past 2 weeks to be exact. It’s just inexplicable of how the urge to dig out your old CDs and start listening to them one by one, all over again. To say that I’m thinking of my past… Nah!…’cause Pixies had never been in my OST* of life. From my opinion, OST of life should be very relevant to one’s life, lyrically. So as of today, The Smiths and Moz are still on top of the list. Please don’t ask why…

Hmmm…why Pixies? Their lyrics are not so relevant (to me) and given me less meaning (this might be due to the eccentricity of Black Francis’ lyrics) but I never in a second, doubt the contagious chorus hook and the brilliance of their songs/music executions. Label them with whatever music genre you might, but I will simply classify it as “The Pixies”. Their sound is their own…

I’m still wondering of the rationale on getting Pixies to my recent playlist. There must be a reason. A good reason. First I played the “Doolittle”, then “Bossanova” followed by “Trompe Le Monde”. Then back to “Doolittle” all over again. I misplaced “Come On Pilgrims” and “Surfer Rosa”. Or maybe someone borrowed them from me and forgot to return back. If it’s true and you happen to read this then you should know what to do… shithead!

I listened to them hard…very hard. And all of a sudden, it’s beginning to make sense. The reason is just so apparent, yet I was late to realize. I was actually missing a VOICE. It was that voice that was so mesmerizing, it sang in my head and reminded me of how much I actually miss HER…

Yes. I miss her dearly. That’s the reason I keep on playing and listening to Pixies these passing weeks. I have no collection of The Amps or Breeders. Pixies is all I got. Eventhough I have to listen to Frank (no offence Frank!) in between her voices, still it has not daunt my determination to patiently wait her turn for the mic.

True! It’s not Mariah or Celine or Siti Nurhaliza kinda voice. But she’s just fine and dazzling in her own way. She need not change even a bit of how she sing it before. It was beautiful and tantalizing and I will always love it. Her voice gives me the courage to walk through this world which is no different than the “Waves Of Mutilation”. It makes me feel “Gigantic” and invincible. It also makes me feel like, every morning and every day, I'll ‘bossanova’ with ya!!!

By the way, Happy Birthday to you! I know that it’s too early** for that but just wanna be the first to wish you.

Go slow on the cigarettes Kim...

* Original Sound Track
**Born June, 10th 1961 - Kimberly Ann Deal