Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"...I'll be weeping too, but LOUDER!

See. This is one cool book. Despite few misprinted info for the illustrations (that’s kinda clumsy eh?), it is still cool. It covers the history from Chat Atkins to BB King to The Shadows and of course The Beatles plus Clapton to name a few. Informative and a guitar illustration is on every page. That’s a bonus for a person like me who is quite low in imagination.

I spent about 5 minutes to read a few lines and the rest of the hours looking at the illustrations. And this has been my daily ritual.

Damn! The price for a Telecaster circa 1950s was only $149.00. (And do you know that Telecaster was formerly known as “Broadcaster”?) Mom, why grandpa was not a guitarist??? Too bad…

Okay, let me share with you about some of the guitars featured in this book.

Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio??? I’m quoting The Ramones here. I remember this caricature of them posing with their instruments. So Johnny had this weird looking guitar (hideous to be exact) and I was laughing back then just by looking at it. But now I have come to realize when I look at the illustration in this book, it was not bad at all. The truth is… it’s fucking awesome. The guitar brand is Mosrite. Yeah! That is one cool guitar Johnny. But it’s sad that Mosrite never produce a signature model for Johnny, instead they did it for The Ventures. This might be because of Johnny only knows how to play “power chords” (hehehe). Hey Ho! Let’s Go!

And also, do you know that the name of a band – Byrdland was actually a guitar name??? So now you know… And it’s a nice semi hollow(some said semi acoustic) guitar I’m tellin’ ya! Classic!

Do you know about Jimi Hendrix’s stage antics? Where he sometimes fucked up a guitar in his shows. Well, that’s a dirt cheap guitar that he’ll get a day before his shows. That’s show business!

That’s all I can remember or maybe what I had read so far. Yes, I admit that I’m a slow reader and enjoyed the illustrations more. So I will be busy reading (ehem!) the book until January 2008.

See ya!


j or ji said...

siapa guitar hero bob dyldo?

Aku suka SRV untuk blues.
Iommi untuk classic rock/stoner.
Hatfield,Hammet dan Scott ion untuk thrash/metal/speed.

Clapton untuk lagu Layla.

Bob Dyldo said...

jorji - The guitar heroes you mentioned, I like them too but not really into them.

All my guitar gods shared the same first name, "John".

1) Johnny Marr - Just listen to all of his works on The Smiths releases. He's still playing with some other bands now but haven't got the oppotunity to listen to any.

2) John Squire - His Stone Roses' self-titled and "Second Coming" album, marked his best works so far. He's still good during Seahorses period but not really kicking.

3) John Frusciante - Best works were from "Mother's Milk" (he's only 18 while doing this album) and "Blood Sugar Sex Magik". Solo efforts were less rampage - too junkie and nihilistic at that time. Latest works with RHCP are just okay.

I guess all guitar gods gone jaded due to the fact that they've been there and done all those shits. I don't know.