Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm A "Bone Machine"...

Got a wake up call!... Mr Tongue El Licker wrote, “Update! Update!...”
Yeah. It’s been like a week or so that I haven’t been writing anything here.

That’s nothing new. Sting sang,

“There’s no surprise, no mystery.”

The truth – I was particularly… busy. Busy with my work (Yes, unfortunately Bob Dyldo is a “wage slave” as what my friend Sheriff, likes to put it.), busy with my life (oh yes, I have that too) and also busy reading “the exhibitionists’ ” blogs (listed in the right bar of this page). And not forgetting, giving my not so important but worth-reading comments in their good to be in kinda space. Hmm… not so important but worth-reading comments, eh? Where does it falls then? I need to iron out the way I write these things.

The Pixies is blasting on the stereo. Frank Black sang,

“You're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me
You're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me”

I just love the execution but can somebody decipher that for me… please?

And then came this part…

“I was talking to preachy-preach about kissy-kiss
He bought me a soda
He bought me a soda
He bought me a soda and he tried to molest me in the parking lot
Yep, yep yep YEP!”

Heh. Does that sounds familiar? A molester preacher… It’s a common disease I guess.

For those of you who haven’t listen to the Pixies, you should give it a try some time. It will ‘levitate you’.

“Come on Pilgrim
You know he loves you
Levitate me

Higher place
Levitate me

He kicked a baby
Elevator lady (3x)
Elevator Lady
Lady. Lady. Levitate me

If all in all is true (3x)
If all is true
Won't you please run over me (5x)
Me, me, me, me, ... "

To my dear Mr Tongue El Licker, I know you don’t need this levitation since you sounded like you are in the midst of going for the first base. Yeah, love is in the air (I bet that you’re smiling now. Or at least a grin. Hehehe). The flowery backdrops, the “My Endless Love” song playing softly in the background, holding hands and running in a slow-motion mode up to the hill and later roll down together with exactly all new attire in a flash. Okay, now it started to sound like Never Been Kissed meets Dilwale Dulhania La Jayenge. Hey, love can do that to you man. I only want you to be prepared. ;)

But remember, Sting also sang,

“Love can mend your life but love can break your heart…”

Don’t say I never warn you… wanker!

Sorry buddy, no Gerak Khas or other local soap smashing as for now as I was also busy catching up with the delayed telecast of World Rugby Championship. I prefer this sport than soccer (as what David Beckham call it nowadays) because there’s no drama in terms of getting a free kick or penalty or wasting precious time for the losing team. All just bad to the bone!

Let A. Galak sleep in peace tonight. Need a good one for me too…


lidah said...

ha ha. reti pon update. letih la. aku dah tak jadi nak angau dah. no flowers falling. no butterflies flying. haihhhh..

Bob Dyldo said...

lidah - Apasal pulak? Gagalica lagi ke? I think girls see you as a 'hopeless romantic' kinda guy la... hahaha

lidah said...

aku bg tau dia aku dah ada gf senanye.

Bob Dyldo said...

lidah - cheh! kira player la kau ni eh? buang masa betul aku perangatkan cinta kau... pegi main jauh2. main solitaire ke ape... tak pun pegi layan pornotube kau tu...

lidah said...

hahha.. aku bukan player lah. ni aku x plan pon. ter je. dem lah. aku x ngorat pon. aku ngorat jarak jauh. remotely in love. hahahahaha kote kau ni.. bbzzzt bzzzzt...

Bob Dyldo said...

lidah - kotegetah namaku, menembusi permainanku... hehehe